Romaine Undery selling her garden stones at the Kingaroy Markets
Romaine Undery selling her garden stones at the Kingaroy Markets Elaelah Harley

How to bring art into the garden

THE SOUTH Burnett is a great place to start shaping your interests when it comes to gardening culture.

In fact, Romaine Undery, the owner of Kingaroy's RAMESA Nursery is bringing a whole new creative flair into the mixing pot.

Mrs Undery is selling painted garden stones at local markets across the South Burnett alongside her nursery goods.

"I make my own pots from the soil in our back paddock, and that's where these art decorations come from. I do all the artistry myself, too," she said.

"The idea of the garden stones happened after I started making pots, when I had one last blob left in my hands, I wondered what I was going to do with it, and as I was rounding it in my hands, I thought, why not paint it?"

Mrs Undery started off as a primary school arts teacher before moving into the gardening business.

"I've always enjoyed painting, and it's great to have my stuff on show at these stalls, it really makes you feel proud," she said.

"My interest in growing comes from gardening my whole life with my mother and my grandmother."


Mrs Undery stopped teaching five years ago, when she began RAMESA Nursery with her husband, Peter.

"RAMESA nursery started on our property, which is halfway between Kingaroy and Wondai. RAMESA is also our three children's names mixed together. We're selling a range of things from herbs, flowers and hedging plants," she said.

"Most of what we do is production growing of trees for farmers in the district, and we really enjoy going to local events to join in and support them, including these local Kingaroy markets and garden festivals."

As an avid market stall holder, Mrs Undery is excited about cooler conditions to come.

"We're very excited because next month the markets will be situated in the shadier area of the showgrounds, so it'll be much more pleasant to come to the markets in the shade."

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