Cash money Photo:Barry Leddicoat / Sunshine Coast Daily
Cash money Photo:Barry Leddicoat / Sunshine Coast Daily Barry Leddicoat

Is fake currency circulating in the South Burnett?

A RUMOUR that fake currency has been doing the rounds across the region has been rejected by police, but that doesn't mean residents shouldn't be aware.

Kingaroy police officer-in-charge Senior Sergeant Duane Frank said there had been no reports of fake money circulating.

He said although the issue wasn't common, people should still pay attention.

"People just need to be aware and if they're in doubt they need to contact their bank to get clarification," Snr Sgt Frank said.

The counterfeiting of currency is usually organised by crime groups or individuals and has the potential to undermine public confidence and impact heavily on governments, business and individuals.

All state, territory and federal police are authorised to seize and prosecute currency-related matters and that covers all currencies.

Penalties are harsh and can be connected to fraud-related offences that may require investigation.

Snr Sgt Frank said if individuals believed they had fake money in their possession to separate it from other money and contact the bank or police.

How to spot a counterfeit banknote

A suspect banknote may feel excessively thick or thin compared to a genuine banknote. Genuine banknotes are difficult to tear and spring back when scrunched.

A genuine banknote has the Australian Coat of Arms and diamond-shaped patterns are printed inside a circle on both sides of the banknote.

Check the clear window - there is a wave pattern in the window of the $10 banknote, and the windows of $20, $50 and $100 banknotes.

Fake banknotes are produced with a special raised ink that can be felt with your finger.

Check for irregularities such as less clearly defined patterns, thicker or thinner lines, or colour differences.

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