Covus took to one robber with his walking cane, snapping it in half as he belted the man.
Covus took to one robber with his walking cane, snapping it in half as he belted the man.

Alleged gunmen pick wrong family

TWO armed men who burst into a Doonan home late Saturday night soon discovered they had picked on the wrong family.

By the time police arrived, the pair had been disarmed and beaten into submission by a 68-year-old grandfather and his son.

"We flogged them," 42-year-old homeowner Theo told the Daily yesterday as his family recovered from the ordeal.

He was at home with his visiting parents, his wife Maria and their teenager daughters Sharde and Chevonne when the masked men burst in through a side door about 11.30pm.

The family had been up late, waiting to watch the telecast of Black Caviar's race in the UK.

Theo managed to wrest guns off both bandits would-be robbers.

When they fought back, he and his father Covus, beat them with their own weapons.

Covus then took to one with his walking cane, snapping it in half as he belted the man.

The bandits were bloodied, bruised and beaten by the time police arrived, charging the alleged gunmen with a total of 60 offences.

It was Theo's 16-year-old daughter Sharde first encountered the men as they entered the house through a side door.

"I thought it was a joke at first. They asked for money and valuables," she said.

"I think I went into shock."

One of the men went upstairs, confronting Theo in his bathroom, while the other collected wallets and handbags downstairs.

"If anyone says it's nothing to have a gun pointed at them... I can tell you it is something," Theo said.

With the commotion going on, Chevonne, 15, hid in a closet with the family's pup Boesman.

After leading the alleged gunmen downstairs to where he had left his wallet, Theo found it had already been collected by the second gunman.

"I thought if I told him there was no money he would shoot me," he said.

So when the gunman's weapon strayed for an instant, Theo grabbed it with one hand and dragged the gunman to the ground with the other.

That's when he was confronted by the second gunman and instinctively pulled the first gunman in front of him for cover.

When the second alleged gunman approached him, Theo managed to grab his gun as well.

With both men disarmed, he thought they would leave and the night of horror would be over.

But that's when they started throwing punches.

"All hell broke lose. It was a very big fight," Theo said.

"I was just protecting my family."

Covus joined the fray to help his son even the odds.

"We flogged them ...they were finished," Theo said.

The family migrated to the Sunshine Coast from South Africa in 1999 to get away from that country's violence.

"We never thought we would see this happen here," Theo's wife, Maria said.

Theo and his father suffered minor injuries but the rest of the family were unharmed.

The alleged gunmen suffered cuts to the head and other unspecified injuries.

They were taken to Nambour General Hospital for treatment under police guard.

Police believe the incident was linked to the attempted robbery of the occupants of a Noosaville address a short time earlier.

A 39-year-old Wynnum man and a 23-year-old Noosa Heads man each face 30 charges over both matters and other alleged incidents.

The charges include nine counts of serious assault, six of deprivation of liberty and four of armed robbery, as well as two counts each of assault occasioning bodily harm, break and enter, and unlawful possession of weapons.

One of the men was remanded in custody to August 15 when he faced Maroochydore Magistrates Court yesterday.

The other man had a bedside hearing at Nambour General Hospital and was remanded in custody to July 11.

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