Imogene Nix at her last National Novel Writers Month workshop.
Imogene Nix at her last National Novel Writers Month workshop. Elaelah Harley

'I could do that': Burnett author shares writing journey

A PUBLISHED author has moved into the South Burnett to continue her writing journey.

Though recently running workshops in Kingaroy, the author started her writing journey in 2010, and her pen-name Imogene Nix was born.

"When I owned a book store, I used to sponsor an award with the Australian Romance Readers Association. I was down at a conference in Bondi back in 2010, and I was sitting there listening to one author in particular, and I thought 'you know what? I could do that',” she said.

"That's literally how it started for me, and then I told myself that it was time to stop procrastinating and get into it. I went back to where we were living at the time, I sat down for three months and wrote, and I finished my very first novel. It kind of went from there.”

Throughout her writing career, Ms Nix has published more than 35 novels.

"I stopped counting at 35 novels. I'm not the world's most consistent writer. I'm one of those people who writes when it's there, and if it's not there, I won't write because it won't be natural. I tend not to believe in writer's block as a result,” she said.

"I also don't write for a couple of months of the year. Usually in December and January I don't tend to write very much because it's just too hot.”

Ms Nix keeps herself motivated through connecting with other writers.

"In the rest of the year I try and set myself some goals, and I also sit down with a bunch of people and we do a thing called sprinting. This is where we race against each other to try and do as many words as you can in that hour,” she said.

"On a good morning, I can pull about 5000 words. On an absolutely average morning, I would be lucky to get 20. But it keeps me going because I then have that constant momentum. When I'm in that space, I just keep writing.”

Ms Nix also has some exciting things planned for 2019.

"Next year I've got six releases planned, most of those are actually called a re-release. I've actually received my work back from an existing publisher, and they're being reworked at the moment and will come out next year,” she said.

"I'm really excited about this. Three of them are currently with an editor, and one has already been reworked and will come out in January to February. All the slots are there, I'm just ready to start rolling them out.”

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