'Time to stop': Drug user's plea for young son

A KINGAROY woman has pleaded with the magistrate this week, after she was convicted of driving under the influence of ice and possessing an ice pipe.

Lara Marie Lee was pulled over at random on King St, Kingaroy, by police at 8pm on October 13.

A roadside drug test had a positive hit for meth in Lee's saliva.

On October 30 at 11pm, Lee was pulled over in a Holden Commodore on Edward St.

Police prosecutor Pepe Gangemi said officers noticed her repeatedly pulling her hair, shifting in her seat and speaking very quickly.

"The roadside instrument returned a zero. She said she had smoked ice the previous day and her behaviour suggested she was still affected by it.

"There was an ice pipe in her handbag which she said was her friends," Sgt Gangemi said.

Lee, who was representing herself, told the magistrate she had "hit the bottom of the barrel".

"I realise it's time for me to pull my head in.

"I've been seeing Lives Lived Well to talk about why I do the things I do and if I can control that," she said.

"My son is nine, he's with his dad, and I want to be a better person for him. I realise it's time to stop."

Magistrate Louisa Pink said the description of Lee's state while she was driving was concerning.

"The fact that they were only two weeks apart is also concerning," she said.

"It seems at the moment you're not in control of your life and there is every indication that you have a significant drug problem.

"Your son needs a mum who is not high and could potentially put him at risk while you're driving," the magistrate said.

Lee was ordered to take part in a six-month probation order.

"A probation is not meant to punish you, it's meant to support you," magistrate Pink said.

"You must not commit another offence, if you do, you will be dealt with and re-sentenced."

Magistrate Pink ordered Lee to submit to a medical, psychiatric or psychological assessment and treatment as part of her probation.

"I've taken into account that you've contact Lives Lived Well, which will support you in that process," she said.

"You must also submit to urine testing and participate in therapeutic intervention to address illicit drug use."

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