CONFUSED: Truckies have told Spy they are unsure about roundabout laws.
CONFUSED: Truckies have told Spy they are unsure about roundabout laws. Adam Hourigan

I SPY: Randy Reptiles

Randy reptiles

A SALT of the earth truckie was telling Spy about his strange sighting of some randy reptiles as he was driving along the scenic Palmerston Highway.

"I saw two snakes having sex in the middle of the road," he said.

Spy wondered how on earth he could be sure they were doing just that.

"Well another truckie got on the radio and told me they were," he said.

Being a curious type, Spy asked the driver to describe the actions of the slithery reptiles, which he was happy to do.

Later on Spy saw a wildlife boffin and told him about the incident.

This expert said from such a description it seemed the snakes were well and truly involved in such pleasures.


Explosives missing

POLICE urged the public to exercise caution and immediately contact them if they come across a green box containing ammunition near the high range military exercise training area near Townsville.

Last month a military truck containing ammunition was travelling north along Mingella Rd, before turning east on Harvey's Range Rd and heading back to the exercise training area.

Upon returning to the training area, a green box containing three 81mm illumination mortar rounds was discovered missing, and it is believed to have fallen off the vehicle around the Mingella Rd area.

The green box is about 36cm (l) x 15cm (w) x 75cm (h) and has a clasped lid.

If anyone finds the box or ammunition, or has any information as to its location, do not interfere with the goods but call Triple 000 immediately.

Big win

WHICH Adelaide-based truckie has won a small fortune having a modest flutter on the horses, trots, and even greyhounds lately?

Spy hears that the lucky punter has collected big time after commencing with a less than $100 layout.

He apparently stopped at an interstate hotel that has betting facilities and for an outlay of just $10 got a trifecta, which an outsider featured in.

After that, a series of mystery bets yielded handsome dividends.

After his purple patch ended, the gent told mates, "I can't believe it - I have backed a loser."

Being a realist, however, he knows the lucky streak will not continue and did not want to lose his windfall.

So he went to the nearest "iron tank" or bank and deposited the majority.

We won't disclose his identity so long lost mates and relatives don't come out of the woodwork "snipping him".

In other words a loan or gift.

Cops get the flick

SCORES of truckies were driving through Oonoonba in north Queensland when cars coming in the opposite direction started flicking their lights.

A sure sign that a police speed camera or radar device was just up the highway.

For some distance there was not a sight of either and when the trucks passed over Rooney's Bridge they saw numerous police officers.

The cops were in a hurry on the nearby railway bridge, which crosses a creek and also has a walking track next to it.

Later one of the truckies asked a police officer he met up with what was all the fuss about.

Was there a notorious criminal or perhaps somebody with a weapon in the vicinity.

"No there was several kids fishing off the railway bridge and it was feared they would be hit by a train," the cop explained.

Roundabout confusion

SOME truckies from NSW and interstate drivers passing through roundabouts are confused about new rules governing them.

One told Spy that all that motorists should indicate, where appropriate, when they are leaving a roundabout.

"That 'where appropriate' comment leaves a lot open to interpretation. When is it 'appropriate' to indicate when leaving a roundabout?

I have seen drivers put on their left indicator, then their right indicator, and their left indicator when all the while, it was their intention to simply drive straight through a roundabout.

My mother-in-law was seen driving the wrong way around a roundabout.

Imagine a vehicle travelling anti-clockwise on a roundabout," he said.

Interstate rivalry

WHILE on the subject, a trucking enthusiast told Spy he was on his way home from Ballina and got stuck behind a car which had stopped in the middle of a roundabout.

"She was a Queensland driver and giving way to vehicles entering the roundabout on her left. I blew the horn to tell her to get moving, but she ignored that and remained stationary while another half dozen vehicles entered the roundabout. She didn't move on until there were no more vehicles to give way to," the man said.

Spy had to ask if the informant if he could provide any possible reason and the answer was interesting.

"I suspect she was on a revenge mission in NSW to pay back Queensland's State of Origin Series defeat," he said.

Hot beer

OFF duty Victorian truckies having a well-earned beer at a party had a designated driver who would refrain from drinking and then drive them all home later.

As the lads consumed more than a liberal sprinkling of amber fluid, old mate sipped happily on diet soft drink.

But alas.

They ran out of beer and sent the driver down to the nearest discount bottle shop to stock up on more supplies.

When he arrived back they opened the boot of his vehicle with glee and thanked him with enthusiasm.

Alas, they discovered the would be Good Samaritan had purchased cartons of hot beer when cold slabs were readily available.

This teetotaller apologised profusely and slipped down to a close-by servo to buy some bags of ice.

When he got back 10 minutes later he saw the merry men drinking the hot booze and the fridge freezer was overflowing with cans.

Wrong bet for early truckie

IT was just after opening time at a Tasmanian hotel where a truckie had been delivering goods and unloading for at least an hour.

This fellow is a committed Christian who doesn't gamble and he was walking out from the inside area when a woman he knew was entering.

"That was quick losing all your money in just 15 minutes," she told him.

She had no idea whatever that he was a champion truckie as he had only started the job a few weeks before.

He wondered what she would have said if she had seen him there a few hours later.

Big Rigs

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