MY SAY: I think women play by a different set of rules

WOMEN are puzzling creatures, aren't they?

Fascinating, soft, amazing, delightful, attractive creatures.

But mostly puzzling because they operate in a world that is a complete mystery to me and other men.

They also appear to have a set of rules which only they understand. Rules and traditions which have been handed down from mother to daughter - their origins lost in the mists of time.

Either that, or they make stuff up as they go along. I'll give you an example.

I was recently lined up to get a drink at a bar when the woman beside me tapped the girl in front of us on the shoulder.

"Look out, there's going to be trouble here," I thought to myself as the tappee spun around to face the tapper.

"I just wanted to tell you that I love the colour of your hair," the tapper explained.

"Oh thanks," said the tappee.

"I put a new colour in it last night and I think it's come out all right."

"A colour?" exclaimed the tapper.

"I would have sworn it was your natural colour."

"Oh no," the tappee explained.

"My natural colour is a sort of mousey ...."

That's about the point where I slipped into a coma, so I have no idea where the riveting conversation went from there.

I just thought it was a fascinating insight into the complexities of the female mind. Put two blokes beside each other at the bar and they might grunt at each other or say "thanks mate" as they edge past.

Tell another bloke at the bar how much you love the colour of his hair and you'll be on your back in no time flat.

It's the same with public toilets.

I can honestly say that I have never made a new mate in a public toilet.

Stop laughing. You know what I mean.

My wife, on the other hand, does it all the time. Apparently the women all gather around the mirror and fix their make-up, which allows them to start chatting about hair colour and other fascinating stuff.

My wife once emerged from the toilets of a hotel in Byron Bay with a complete stranger at her side.

"This is my new friend Celeste," she said.

"She and her partner are travelling around Australia, so I've invited them to stay at our place."

Actually, the invitation to stay was made after many hours drinking with Celeste and Parker who, I am happy to say, are still our long-distance friends over there in Texas.

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