Watch angler hook bull shark at Colleges Crossing

Who says there are no killers in the river?

AN Ipswich angler who has caught more than three dozen bull sharks in the past year says he would never swim at Colleges Crossing now that he knows what lies beneath.

Jason Reeve, who recently posted underwater footage of a 1m bull shark he caught at Colleges Crossing, said that from now until about March next year, large females would be bringing their pups upstream into what is known to be a nursery for growing bull sharks.

The increased activity will result in a number of keen fishermen trying their luck along various stretches of the Brisbane and Bremer rivers during the spring-summer period.

Mr Reeve is just one of many to have landed sharks in the Ipswich area, but after catching 35 last season, decided to try his luck at getting a different point of view of his after-work hobby.

He attached a small camera to his 30-pound main line - about 50cm from the bait - when he hooked a 1m bull shark at Colleges Crossing on September 17.

In the video posted on the QT's website this week, you can clearly see and hear the moment the little predator latches onto the bait and then thrashes about as it realises it has been caught.

The footage continues for three minutes, when after what is a relatively short fight, the small shark is landed.

Mr Reeve it was one of two bull sharks he'd caught so far this season.

"The mothers come upstream, bringing 2-10 pups to protect them from larger sharks that would eat them out in the bay.

"These baby sharks are spread throughout the entire river system and the mothers would be between 1.8-2.4m long. Luckily you never hear of major attacks, but I would never let my kids swim at Colleges Crossing after what I've caught there."

And a warning for those who believe it is safe to swim above the Mt Crosby Weir: Esk resident Keith Imhoff contacted the QT yesterday to notify us that he's seen bull sharks over 1.5m caught at the Kholo Bridge in the mid-1960s.

"They swim over the weir during floods," Mr Imhoff said.

"Once they get past there they are free to swim right up to Wivenhoe."

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