Ice T and Coco Austin.
Ice T and Coco Austin. Bang ShowBiz

Ice T and Coco Austin took time over decision to have baby

ICE T and Coco Austin waited more than 10 years to have a baby.

The couple - who now have five-month-old daughter Chanel Nicole - wanted to wait until they were ready to take on the responsibility of having a child and the 37-year-old actress had other things she wanted to accomplish before becoming a mother for the first time.

She explained: "There were a lot of things I wanted to complete before having a baby."

And doting father Ice - whose real name is Tracy Lauren Marrow - was willing to wait for the blonde beauty and allowed her to do what girls in their 30s do like clubbing.

The 58-year-old star added to PEOPLE: "I am 20 years older than her," he explains. "I didn't have a clock ticking. I said to Coco, 'When you are ready, let me know.'

"Just because I was finished with the clubbing and the partying doesn't mean she was. It's like Disneyland. I can't say, 'You don't want to go, all the rides suck.' You gotta go for the rides."

Now they have their bundle of joy, Coco admits that she was born to be a mum and wants to make sure her daughter is a "fabulous person".

She added: "I'm 100 percent all-in. I think motherhood was always my calling. I wish I had let it happen earlier, but this is perfect. I'm dedicating my whole life to molding this little nugget into a fabulous person."

Meanwhile, Coco recently admitted their sex lives have become "non-existent" since having Chanel.

She previously shared: "Sex is non-existent for the first couple of months [after having a baby]. It definitely changes ... you don't get the 'OK' to even have sex or go to the gym until 16 weeks.You don't even want sex. That's the thing. Everything is about the child. Nothing is sexual in your world."

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