Kingaroy's 2021 School and Vice Captains Juliana Evangelista, Abbie Moseling, Isaac Kelly, and Joey Reeve (left to right). Photo/Holly Cormack.
Kingaroy's 2021 School and Vice Captains Juliana Evangelista, Abbie Moseling, Isaac Kelly, and Joey Reeve (left to right). Photo/Holly Cormack.

INSPIRING: Meet your 2021 Kingaroy school leaders

AFTER a challenging year for schools nationwide, Kingaroy State High School’s new leadership team is itching to launch the new school year with a bang.

Just weeks into the role, school captains Isaac Kelly and Abbie Moseling, and Vice Captains Joey Reeve and Juliana Evangelista, are already throwing ideas back and forth to make 2021 a year to remember.

“Each of the students has been heavily involved in the school, things like instrumental music, debating, co-curricular, and they’re just all-round excellent students as well,” Kingaroy State High School principal Ashley Roediger said.

“They’re wonderful role models for our school community and I’m immensely proud of them.”

“We’re blessed to have so many outstanding students in the school, who just make the most of the opportunities they have.”

School Captain Isaac Kelly said he hopes to lead by example and be a positive role model to his peers and younger students at the school.

“I’ve always been quiet throughout high school and I hope this is a chance for me to get out there, meet a lot of new people and help a lot of new people,” he said.

With COVID restrictions limiting school activities this year, Isaac said he hopes the new year will provide plenty of opportunities for himself and his fellow leaders to really sink their teeth into the responsibilities and opportunities they’ve been provided with.

Five minutes into meeting Isaac, it becomes clear the young leader has the rare gift of the gab and a genuine interest in helping his peers.

“In my speech I spoke about always being honest with people. Telling people how I can help, what I think the problem is, and what we can do to fix it – if there is a problem, this is a great school, there aren’t that many problems,” he said.

Isaac’s mother Jacqueline Henschen said she and her husband Andrew are extremely proud of their son and confident in his ability to excel in this role.

“He has a strong school spirit and he’s really looking forward to representing the students and the school, and hopes they’ll be proud of him,” she said.

“Especially with this new ATAR system, which is a bit of a minefield they’ll be working through, and he wants the kids to know he’ll be there to support them in any way they can.”

“He’s really looking to challenge himself in the role and is proud to be appointed to it, that’s for sure.”

“He’s an honest person and someone you know will always tell you the truth, so we’re very proud of him.”

School Captain Abbie Moseling is by all reports a gifted public speaker and an excellent student in every respect.

She is eager to grab this opportunity to have a positive influence on her school and be a pillar of support to other students.

“I want people to enjoy school more and try to bring to life ideas that others might be afraid to bring to life themselves,” she said.

“I also want to build my own self-confidence, because I went to such a small school for years.”

Embracing the opportunity to guide such a large body of students, Abbie said she hopes to rise to the difficult challenge of building relationships between students across different years, and creating connections between the junior and senior grades.

Abbie’s father Graeme Moseling said he is extremely proud of his daughter and is looking forward to seeing what this positive and ambitious group of young people can do.

“They’re a positive group of young adults and it’s very exciting to see what happens,” he said.

“Abbie and Isaac have already sat down and discussed ideas, so I think the four of them are going to make a very positive team.”

In addition to her academic and musical success, playing the saxophone and the piano, Mr Moseling said he is particularly proud of his daughter‘s ability to put herself out there and have a go, and in this case, her courage and hard work clearly paid off.

Principal Ashley Roediger said the 2021 leaders are
Principal Ashley Roediger said the 2021 leaders are "wonderful role models for the school community" and he is "immensely proud of them."

An exceptionally intelligent young man, Vice Captain Joey Reeve is excited for the opportunity to come up with new ways to benefit the school.

“We hold student council meetings and that’s where everyone can share their ideas, and then we can put them into action however we can,” he said.

“I’m hoping to help out the school and make it an even better place than it already is.”

According to Joey‘s mother, Tess Reeve, over the past few years Joey has been a member of the Ministerial Student Advisory Council, established by education Minister Grace Grace, which gives students an opportunity to provide feedback and advice about a range of education matters.

“We’ve taken a few trips to Brisbane with him to meet with the group and Grace Grace, which he’s really enjoyed. He likes the idea of bringing the student voice to people that can make decisions,” she said.

“He has always liked the idea of being a spokesperson for his peers and does so much to help those around him.”

Another musical talent, Joey has a knack for brass instruments, playing the euphonium, trombone, and bass trombone in the school band, as well as doing piano lessons outside of school.

“He enjoys putting himself out there and loves being a part of the community,” Ms Reeve said.

A rising musical talent, Vice Captain Juliana Evangelista aims to better showcase the wide-ranging talent of Kingaroy State students and establish new opportunities for them to show the local community what they can do.

“I’m a big performing arts junky. I want to bring out the arts centre in our school out into the community,” she said.

“Because we have some great talent in the school.”

Julianna is herself a musical talent, playing a range of instruments, including the clarinet and the piano.

In addition to leaving a legacy at her school and altering it for the better at every opportunity, Julianna hopes to once again offer the students things to look forward to, after such a tough year for schools.

“I want to help the student move forward and always have something to look forward to in the school,” she said.

Julianna’s mother Genalyn said she is incredibly proud of all her daughter has achieved and has no doubt she will make an excellent captain and change her school for the better.

“She’s a very responsible daughter and a very responsible sister, so I know she can take on the position of Vice Captain at school. I’m very confident with my daughter that she can do all the things she wants to do,” she said.

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