Need more Hunger Games? Try Red Queen

FANS of the Hunger Games are going to love this. It's the first part of a new trilogy set in a world where Silvers rule over Reds, and everything comes down to the colour of your blood.

The ruling class, the Silvers, are born with special abilities that set them apart from the red-blooded commoners. There are nymphs who control water, greenies controlling plants, magnetrons controlling metal, those who can control fire, those who can control minds … the list goes on and on.

The Silvers, reminiscent of the Celtic faeries, live a life of luxury while the human Reds, who are born without these special gifts, are forced to work or be conscripted into military service in a centuries-old war you have almost no hope of surviving.

Enter Mare Barrow, our protagonist. Mare is a thief from a Red slum trying to survive and find a way to keep her family together and all alive.

When she discovers she has a very Silver-like ability, Mare finds herself thrown into a world unlike her own, where the most important lesson you can learn is that you can't trust anyone.

Mare is thrust into the spotlight among the Silver royal family by day, and is a member of the Red rebel group the Scarlet Guard by night.

This book has a little bit of everything for fans of novels set in dystopian futures: magic, romance, family drama, civil war and revolution, betrayal, tragedy, political intriguing, and the best part is that there are two more books to look forward to.

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