Ipswich cop applies for bail on child rape charge

A SUSPENDED Ipswich constable charged with rape and indecent treatment of children has applied for bail.

But he must stay in custody until next Wednesday to find out if it has been granted.

The Southern Region Queensland policeman, currently suspended from his job, has faced Brisbane Magistrates Court charged with 11 counts of indecent treatment of a child under 12 and one count of rape.

As the accused officer sat in the dock, the court heard the allegations against the suspended officer were 'historical' and were made in relation to a former partner's children.

He cannot be named under Queensland law. 

Police prosecutor Josh Kelly opposed the accused being granted bail.

He said there was concern the suspended officer, 46, may try to interfere with witnesses and the officer's own safety was also at risk.

Mr Kelly said the "charges carry extensive periods of imprisonment should he be found guilty" of up to 20 years in prison.

Defence barrister David Jones said the rape charge against his client referred to an alleged digital rape.

He said those found guilty of such charges were more likely to see sentences in a range up to five years.

Mr Jones said "these allegations are historical, a number of years have passed," and the Crown could not point to a single instance of his client attempting to intimidate or interfere with any of the witnesses since the alleged offences took place.

He said as a result of the allegations being made, his client had faced breaking point.

Mr Jones said his client "did take sleeping tablets and was taken to hospital," but mental health professionals allowed him to leave and go home.

He said his client was a man in his forties who had gone his entire life without any criminal history at all.

"A week ago he was a serving member of the Queensland Police Service," he said.

Mr Jones said his client would be taking the matter to trial, and suggested there were real issues to be addressed in relation to the motivations of the complainants.

He also said police were using a new, 'largely untested' technology in relation to their evidence against his client, which he had never used before.

Neither the prosecution nor defence were able to give any further details about this technology.

Mr Kelly sought to have the court closed for the suspended officer's bail application.

He was concerned that names of children would be mentioned in open court, and other material of a sensitive nature addressed.

But Magistrate Elizabeth Hall did not accept this and the court was largely kept open. 


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