'Is she under the influence?': Magistrate stops court

A MURGON magistrate has asked a lawyer if his pregnant client was drunk or on drugs after she appeared very sleepy in court this week.

Narkiya Clemanthus Doctor was facing a charge of driving without a licence, and failing to appear in court.

Magistrate Louisa Pink asked defence lawyer Mark Oliver if his client was in a fit state to plea.

"Are you sure she's not under the influence of anything," she asked.

"She's shaking your head, your honour," Mr Oliver said.

"She might shake her head, but she seems to be having some difficulty keeping her eyes open," the magistrate said.

Mr Oliver said his client was just very tired.

"It's extremely unusual for someone to be on their feet falling asleep, Mr Oliver," magistrate Pink said.

"Your honour, I've never had children or been pregnant so I don't know, but she has two children," he said.

"Mr Oliver, women with children don't stand around falling asleep on their feet."

Mr Oliver then had a brief exchange with his client.

"She says that she hasn't taken any drugs or consumed any alcohol since she found out she was pregnant, and she informs me that she was up late with her children," he said.

Police prosecutor Marcus Hooper said Doctor was facing court for driving a month after her licence was disqualified.

"Police intercepted the car she was driving and when asked if she had an emergency reason, she said she was rushing her grandmother to Cherbourg Hospital because she was having an asthma attack," he said.

"Police observed the defendant's grandmother, who was in the front passenger seat, and found that she did not appear to be in any distress.

"Officers further noted the defendant had just driven through Murgon, bypassing the nearest hospital."

Doctor's lawyer, Mr Oliver, said her grandmother always gets her puffer from Cherbourg Hospital.

"So they went past Murgon Hospital to get there," he said.

Magistrate Louisa Pink told the defendant she would lose her licence for a lengthy period of time.

"You were driving very shortly after your licence had been disqualified."

For driving while disqualified, Doctor was fined $500.

For failing to appear in court, she was fined $500.

The convictions were recorded.

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