MYSTERY: This photograph of nurses was found by Mark Magisana along River Rd, Kingaroy.

IS THIS YOURS: Mysterious photo washes up in gutter

South Burnett

A MOMENT captured in time of nurses on an important day has resurfaced.

Mark Magisana was astonished to find the photograph a few weeks ago when he was mowing outside his work, OzValue Ag Machinery, on River Rd, Kingaroy.

"I just found it on its own in the grass. I took it and brought it inside," he said.

"It was just amazing, it was sitting there in such great condition."

The photograph features more than 100 nurses dressed in their traditional clean white uniforms.

"By the age of it, maybe 50s or 60s, there's lots of nurses and maybe a family member there," Mr Magisana said.

"It's a full house, whether it's a graduation photo or not I don't know."

It is unknown whether the photo features South Burnett nurses or a relative of a South Burnett family.

The photo was found on the side of River Rd, which is a common route to the Kingaroy dump.

"I don't know if someone was taking some stuff to the dump and it flew off," he said.

"It's just amazing that I found it."

Mr Magisana said he was lucky he brought the photograph inside as it rained the following day.


The photograph was most likely stuck in a photo album due to the worn double-sided sticky tape on the back.

If you can identify anyone in the photograph, or know the story behind this special day for the nurses, get in contact with the paper on 41629770.

The South Burnett Times would love to hear the story behind this mysterious photograph.