Jail for drug-fuelled affair with teen

A MARRIED father of two was in bed with a girl half his age when his wife uncovered their illegal love affair.

Nigel Jon Peterman was 31 when he began dating a 15-year-old girl in Brisbane's eastern suburbs, moving her into the family home shortly after his wife exposed them.

The speed addicts were in a 14-month relationship with five months deemed illegal because the girl was underage, Brisbane Supreme Court heard on Thursday.

The relationship only came to police attention after the pair broke up and Peterman threatened to publish compromising photos of the girl taken during their relationship - some involving drug use and others indecent - online.

Crown prosecutor Phil McCarthy said Peterman and the girl engaged in regular sexual activity while she was still 15 and he also supplied her with speed, sometimes helping her inject the drug.

He said they were having "unprotected sex in a relationship in which both were drug addicts" but there was no real risk of pregnancy because the girl had a birth control injection.

"The potential for harm is well-recognised, not only physical health but mental health," he said.

Peterman pleaded guilty to 15 charges including maintain a relationship with a child, carnal knowledge and supplying drugs to a minor.

Defence barrister Mal Harrison said his client's life began spiralling out of control when he began using drugs at age 27.

He said he lost his wife, his job and had only recently re-established phone contact with his children.

"It was a mundane relationship, similar to an ordinary marital relationship ... support for one another beyond sex and drugs," Mr Harrison said .

"It wasn't an old man preying on little girls in the usual sense.

"There was an age disparity, my client should have known much better."

Justice Peter Lyons, who noted the girl's family knew the pair were living together and did not intervene, sentenced Peterman to four years in jail.

Peterman, now 33, was released immediately because he had already served about eight months in custody.

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