Jail for thief who drove stolen cars

THOUGH only 19 years old, Aaron Paul Gulf has spent most of his adult life in prison.  

And, in Murgon Magistrates Court on Tuesday, magistrate Andrew Hackett questioned whether imprisonment had worked to reform Gulf.  

"The problem with that approach is that at some point you get out of the jail and the question becomes, with whom have you been keeping company? They are people who are more adept at being criminals than you," Mr Hackett said.

This was the reason behind Mr Hackett's decision to sentence Gulf to 15 months probation and 50 days imprisonment for his part in a string of car thefts.  

Gulf pleaded guilty to 13 charges including unlawful use of a motor vehicle, stealing, burglary and evading police when he appeared in court.  

His crimes took place across Queensland, including most recently in Murgon.  

Police prosecutor Sergeant Pepe Gangemi told the court one of Gulf's friends stole a white Hyundai and picked him up on March 1.

"Gulf got into the stolen vehicle and drove around Cherbourg," he said.   

At 8.20pm police witnessed Gulf driving a stolen Hyundai along Barambah Ave, Cherbourg.   

"Police attempted to intercept and the vehicle took off at speed," Sgt Gangemi said.  

In sentencing, Mr Hackett said taking someone's vehicle was treating them with "contempt".  

"If you could see behind the scenes of the people affected by you and others helping themselves to cars, hopefully you would feel some shame, because you should," he said.  

At the time of sentencing, Gulf had served 17 days in custody.  

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