Jail time for DV offender

A MAN who punched his partner in the chest during one of his nine breaches of a domestic violence order will spend the next month behind bars.

Police prosecutor Sgt Pepe Gangemi told the Murgon Magistrates Court on Tuesday the man - who cannot be named for legal reasons - had clear issues with alcohol and had abused his partner on nine separate occasions since the order was put in place.

The man pleaded guilty to three breaches of the order.

The 27-year-old man wept as magistrate Peter Hasted contemplated his fate.

Defence solicitor Mark Oliver told the court when his client was not drinking he was a polite man who had been with his partner for many years.

Mr Oliver said the man turned to alcohol after death and sickness in his family.

He said incarcerating his client would place substantial financial hardship on his partner and children.

"I'd be against imprisonment," he said.

"He's already attending an ongoing ADFQ (Alcohol and Drug Foundation Queensland).

"Removal from his family could bring hardship and there's a possibility his children would suffer."

Magistrate Hasted said he was at breach number nine and something had to be done to protect his partner and send a message to the community that this behaviour was unacceptable.

"It's not just one mistake, it's nine," he said.

The man pleaded to the magistrate for a lighter sentence before Magistrate Hasted told him to be quiet or he would be removed from the court room.

Sgt Gangemi said it had been the defendant's choice to act in that way and the behaviour needed to be deterred.

Magistrate Hasted read out a letter of support from his ADFQ councillor before reading a Queensland Magistrates ruling regarding domestic violence.

The ruling stated domestic violence was something society would not tolerate.

"The court has tried many times to help you," Magistrate Hasted said.

"It hasn't had the desired deterrent effect.

"Relationships are about mutual love and support.

"You have not returned the support.

"She's been subject to acts of domestic violence ... and she's stood beside you."

The man had a conviction recorded on all three counts of breaching his domestic violence order and was given a joint imprisonment and probation order. He will serve one month behind bars and 12 months on probation.

If you are a victim of domestic violence contact your local police station for help.

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