Judge rejects criminals’ court conspiracy theories

ONE of Queensland's top judges defended the state's judicial system after a Bundaberg man on Tuesday claimed authorities conspired to have his bail application heard on the same day his appeal outcome was to be released.

Convicted stalker John Frederick Manning accused Crown prosecutors and Court of Appeal and Brisbane Supreme Court judges of colluding over the timing of the related matters.

Manning, who appeared via video link from prison, told Justice Peter Applegarth he believed the appeal court moved its sentence decision forward after seeing his name listed for a bail hearing on Tuesday's court list.

"I've just received that material now sir," Manning said when Justice Applegarth asked if he knew the Court of Appeal would hand down its decision about four hours after Tuesday morning's bail application.

"This has only come to light after I've lodged this bail application.

"Who's to say the prosecutors are not working with judges - it's only to come to light now.

"This is what they've done..."

Justice Applegarth stopped Manning mid-sentence to explain authorities were too busy to be checking on matters before other courts.

"I'll just let you know some things so you don't have an unduly conspiratorial view about things," he told the prisoner.

"The Court of Appeal has got a lot of work to do ... they work dawn to dark to get their work done.

"In this jurisdiction we work very hard.

"We don't spend our time looking at what other judges are doing.

"The Court of Appeal's got things to do (that are) better than to check the applications list.

"And they could not have checked the applications list until it came out last night or this morning so I think you can disregard the idea that the Court of Appeal suddenly decided to give judgment this afternoon because they saw your bail application."

Judge Applegarth held over Manning's bail application to Thursday morning in case the Court of Appeal decision was delayed.

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