Under-8s Emma Loveday and Jayla Solomon
Under-8s Emma Loveday and Jayla Solomon Mick Freeman

Junior athletes impress at regional relay

SOUTH Burnett Little Athletics Club sent a contingent of budding track and field stars to Bli Bli earlier this month, with 9 of a possible 23 qualifying for the state titles in Brisbane on December 10.

Belle Freeman, Nicole Gunston, Georgia Kapernick and Tiffany Lumsdale ran third in the 4x200m relay to secure their seats on the bus to Brisbane, and coach Kaylene Kapernick said the girls were beyond excited.

"I only saw snippets of the race because I had to be at shotput at the same time, but from what I saw they all ran really well,” Kapernick said.

" We'd been practising at club to recognise the changeover zones, (so) they knew what to look for on the field and make sure they did a legal baton change.

"They're excited because this is the first year they can qualify for the state titles. It's fun because you're with other kids that you know from club so it's not as nerve wracking when you go.

"It's very different to what we have here in the country, there's a big stadium and we can't be out there to help them. You can't talk to your kids before they run, so it's a little daunting when they're so young but they're all looking forward to it.

"At the end of the day the goal is to have fun - family, fun and fitness is the goal of little athletics. It's nice to see the kids have a smile on their face, and as a team it's much more fun.”

There is no state meeting for the under-7 and under-8 athletes, so a special ceremony was held on the day to award all athletes with participation medals.

"Because they can't qualify for the state titles it was a way to award them for their efforts, they were all super proud,” Kapernick said.

SBLAC Competitors:

Under-7: Tiahna Dean, Evan Freeman

Under-8: Emma Loveday, Jayla Solomon

Under-9: Belle Freeman(Q), Nicole Gunston(Q), Georgia Kapernick(Q), Tiffany Lumsdale(Q), Oliver Pogany, Cameron Tipple, Cooper Weil.

Under-10: Noah Birch, Ethan Loveday, Zoe Lumsdale, Taya Solomon

Under-11: Joshua Freeman(Q), Lilly Thompson

Under-12: Selina Birch(Q), Jericho Pogany(Q), Lewis Thompson(Q), Harrison Weil(Q)

Under-13: TJ Dunn, Ethan Gates, Tom Oberle

Under-15: Jack Garrod, Bree Pogany, Emmalee Stephens

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