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Justin Bieber's bodyguards accused of 'roughing up' fan

JUSTIN Bieber's bodyguards are being investigated for alleged battery.

The 19-year-old singer's security team have been accused of roughing up a fan, who tried to take a picture of Justin at a hookah lounge in Hollywood.

A source told gossip website TMZ.com that one of the 'Beauty and a Beat' hitmaker's bodyguards tried to stop the person, who was not a paparazzo, from taking photographs and a scuffle ensued.

The alleged victim called the police but Justin and his entourage were already gone by the time they arrived.

Law enforcement sources said that police have opened a misdemeanour battery investigation but that Justin is not a suspect as it's unclear whether he had any role in the incident.

Earlier this week Justin stole a memory card from a photographer.

The singer ordered his security guards to take a camera from the paparazzo after snap shots were taken of him outside The Hit Factory recording studio at 4am in Miami, Florida, on Wednesday.

The Canadian star was caught on video screaming at his entourage to "grab that camera! Get that f***ing camera out of here" but after the distressed pap pleaded with him to return his property, the pop star responded with "Alright, alright. I'm gonna give you your camera back. I'm gonna take your SIM card though."

Miami-Dade Police Detective, Roy Rutland, confirmed officers responded to a report of an assault taking place on the 149th Street and took a statement from the snapper.

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