The art of Ka Huna massage will rock your boat

Matt Mostyn, Ka Huna masseur, of Coopers Shoot.
Matt Mostyn, Ka Huna masseur, of Coopers Shoot. Mireille Merlet-Shaw

I AM lying on the table while watching the sea through the window.

My mind is blank, but surprisingly quick.

For the last 90 minutes I have experienced something that goes beyond a massage; just short from a spiritual experience.

I feel like I have been emptied from inside my body and mind. I feel very light.

After the massage I went to a lake near Tyagarah and meditated for almost an hour in the water.

The sensation lasted several days, and being my first Ka Huna massage I am keen to repeat it soon.

So much for the idea of me being a hard-to-impress, cynical, well seasoned reporter.

In 90 minutes this masseur rocked my world.

The masseur was Matt Mostyn, a Ka Huna therapist who moved to the area almost three months ago and is receiving glowing reviews.

Obviously, he's good at rocking people's worlds.

Ka Huna is a type of massage therapy that originates from the Hawaiian Islands.

Mr Mostyn explains that Ka Hunas were the healers within the tribes.

"Hawaiian Royalty had a coming-of-age ceremony where they had a three-day Ka Huna massage," Matt said.

A three-day-massage... now that's royal treatment!

No wonder Ka Huna is considered "the Rolls Royce of massage".

"It's a flowing massage, it is about rhythmic flowing strokes, gentle but firm, using the fingers, hands, forearms and elbows."

Mr Mostyn explained Ka Huna is a form of energy work. "As well as working on the physical body, the idea is to work on the body's energy, to bring it back into balance."

"Too often we are trapped in our heads in the West. This form of massage grounds you back in your body and gets the energy flowing in your head again."

"Emotional pain can sometimes get trapped in out bodies and this massage unblocks it. It is common for our clients to become very emotional during the massage, but they cannot explain why."

Matt Mostyn was living in Sydney in 2005 working in the advertising industry when he had his first Ka Huna massage.

The experience was also so unique for him that he decided to get the skills and dedicate his life to it.

He moved to the North Coast three months ago and started operating from a property with magnificent views of the bay in Coopers Shoot, right between Byron Bay and Bangalow, 10 minutes away from both towns.

Mr Mostyn has completed Level 6 of the seven courses available in Australia to perfect the technique. "I feel I am ready to get the next level soon."

His credentials locally have been so successful that he has been hired as one of the therapists at the luxurious Gaia Retreat and Spa in Brooklet.

Co-Owner Gregg Cave said that "Matt has exceptionally healing hands."

"I have had Ka Huna massages here in Australia and overseas and was very impressed with Matt.

"He works with his heart."


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