COURT CHARGE: Jason Taylor Carseldine has been released on parole. Photo/Social Media
COURT CHARGE: Jason Taylor Carseldine has been released on parole. Photo/Social Media

Kingaroy man, 21, on parole after cowardly attack on partner

A 21-year-old Kingaroy man has been released from prison on parole after he was arrested for contravening a domestic violence order multiple times for launching vicious strangling, biting and punching attacks on his girlfriend.

The court heard Jason Taylor Careseldine was serving a nine month probation order for a public nuisance charge from November 2019 when the defendant called the complainant a "psycho bitch" before placing his fingers down her throat and up her nose.

Carseldine pleaded guilty to one charge of strangulation and four charges of contravening a domestic violence order at the Kingaroy District Court.

According to the statement of facts, on April 11, 2020 Carseldine unlawfully strangled his girlfriend while in a domestic relationship with her.

On that same day he contravened a temporary protection order.

On April 26 in Kingaroy, he again contravened that protection order.

On May 1 in Kingaroy, he contravened that protection order.

On June 1 in Kingaroy, he contravened that protection order.

Carseldine pleaded guilty to all charges.

Crown prosecutor William Slack said the temporary protection order was made on January 30 2020.

"According to the complainant the defendant became more controlling from March 2020, he accused her of cheating," Mr Slack said.

"On the 11th of April the complainant advised that she wanted to end the relationship, the defendant became upset and pushed her, when she attempted to call police he took her phone and car keys.

"The complainant eventually retreated to the bedroom and the defendant followed, he pushed her onto the bed, the complainant told him to leave her alone, he grabbed her throat with his right hand, he then applied pressure to her throat for 30 seconds.

"As she rolled onto her side the defendant repeatedly punched and slapped her in the legs side and stomach."

According to Mr Slack on April 26 Carseldine pushed the complainant to the floor and punched her in the thighs on multiple occasions and also made derogatory comments to her.

The third contravention of the domestic violence order was on May 1, when the complainant drove to the Carseldine's house on his request.

He demanded to drive the car and sat on top of the complainant in the driver's seat before Carseldine punched the complainant in the head on multiple occasions and bit her eyebrow.

The last offence occurred on June 1, when Carseldine phoned the complainant before more derogatory comments were made.

He called her again on multiple occasions and when she finally picked up, he threatened to assault her.

Subsequently to that, the complainant contacted police and Carseldine was arrested and remanded in custody.

Mr Slack said his ultimate submission would be a sentence of between two and two and a half years imprisonment, however conceded due to the defendant's time already spent in custody, he be released on parole today, February 19.

"Choking has been described as a quite cowardly act and is also a predictive indicator for more serious offending," he said.

Carseldine was represented by Barrister Robert Glenday who agreed with the Crown's submissions.

"He has done about eight and a half months in custody, your honour, so if it was a two-year sentence he's at the one third mark," Mr Glenday said.

"Notably this is his first time in custody as well, so it has been a long hard experience for him.

"It's a shame, your honour, he has found himself in this predicament because he did quite well at school, he completed Year 12 and after completing school he obtained employment at McDonald's to start with and then he worked at the Swickers factory here in Kingaroy for 14 months.

"If he breaches a parole order he knows what happens next time, he goes straight to jail and rather than going back before the courts so he will have that hanging over his head."

Judge Gary Long S.C. said the defendant did plead guilty early and thereby co-operated and facilitated the course of dealing with the matters.

"You need to understand that whilst there may be an emotional component to your conduct in the course of a relationship with a young woman, that the community simply doesn't accept the sort of resort to violence in particular that you have demonstrated as responses to frustrations that you may have had in that relationship," Judge Long said.

"Your conduct is of a kind which is serious and the community expects as the court acts to reflect the interest of the community there be a punishment imposed that denounces what you did and seeks to bring that home clearly not just to you but to other young men in the community.

"It's important to understand that at the time these offences occurred you were aged 20 and you are now 21 years of age and that your offending was in the context of limited but significant criminal history."

In relation to count one, Carseldine was sentenced to serve two years and three months in prison.

In respect to the summary offences the contravention on April 11 he was convicted and not further punished.

In respect to each of the other contravention offences he was ordered to imprisonment for six months.

In respect to those terms of imprisonment the judge declared that 262 days of pre sentenced custody is to be taken as time already served and in those circumstances, the defendant's parole release day was fixed to today February 19, 2021.

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