Knife-wielding drug abuser tasered while fleeing police

A MAN who had a number of run-ins with the law over the past few months was halted by a taser after fleeing from police in a car.

Michael James Sutton, 31, was arrested in Booval on the weekend and stood in the dock of Ipswich Magistrates Court with a list of 27 charges to his name.

Prosecutor Sergeant Paul Caldwell said at about 11.15pm on Sunday June 30, police approached Sutton's vehicle to speak to him.

While the conversation was still ongoing, he reversed the car away and proceeded to drive dangerously, including on the wrong side of the road, as police followed.

About ten minutes later, Sutton got out of the car and walked towards police but he was tasered after police said he did not comply with orders to lie on the ground.

Appearing before Magistrate David Shepherd, Sutton pleaded guilty to a charge of failing to appear in Brisbane on June 14 and was fined $350.

As for his other charges, the prosecution unsuccessfully opposed bail and he will appear before the court again on July 30 on the long list of offences.

These include charges of possessing drug utensils, possessing dangerous drugs, possessing tainted property, publishing or possessing instructions for producing dangerous drugs, stealing, possession of a knife in a public place, obstructing police, dangerous operation of a vehicle and more.

The charges correlate with several different incidents over the course of the year.

On March 20, a search warrant was carried out on a New Farm address where police allege Sutton pointed police towards a pencil case inside a duffel bag, where they found methamphetamine, cannabis and other drugs alongside digital scales and a pipe.

On April 22, Sutton was detained in Kangaroo Point by police and his vehicle searched.

Police found drugs and a backpack.

Police allege inside the backpack was a USB, with files in a folder named 'illegal publishings' which contained instructions on the manufacture of methamphetamine and LSD.

Six separate drivers licenses, a Medicare card and a New Zealand passport, none of which belonged to Sutton, were also found.

On May 23, Sutton was arrested after police allege he stuffed items to the value of more than $500, including a $160 Armani shirt, from David Jones in Pacific Fair in a backpack.

Police were alerted by security and inside the bag they found the clothes, as well as bankcards and a Victorian drivers licence that didn't belong to Sutton.

A key ring with a hook device, believed to be used to pull security tags off, was also found according to police.

On April 30, Sutton was seen entering a Bunnings at Rocklea empty handed and he soon left with a Vax cordless stick vacuum, worth $249, in his hands.

When quizzed by staff, he presented a receipt from a different Bunnings store and drove off.

When police were called, they arrested him and found a powerful magnet, believed to be used to remove security tags, and a flick knife.

On his latest arrest, on June 30, he told police as he was being arrested that he had ice and a knife on him, which was found in the waist of his pants.

His defence lawyer told the court he was under duress from passengers in the car and tried to tell police when they stopped him but he didn't get the chance.

The New Farm resident was granted bail and his charges will be heard by the court on July 30.

As a part of his bail conditions, he will have to report to Fortitude Valley police twice a week.

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