Know how to report a bushfire emergency

RURAL Fire Service Queensland (RFSQ) is asking North Coast Region residents to be well informed when reporting a bushfire emergency.

RFSQ North Coast Regional Manager Peter Hollier said quick and efficient reporting of any incident could greatly aid emergency response.

"Ensure you know where the fire is located, in urban areas this includes a street number, name, nearest cross street and locality," Mr Hollier said.

"In rural areas it is important to know your rural road number, which can be located on a fluro coloured staff picket and correct road name which will assist emergency service to know how far your property is from the nearest major intersection along that road.

"Other helpful information you could provide would include the direction a fire is travelling, the level of threat, assets in the area and nearby water supplies as well as any fire suppression actions you are undertaking."

Mr Hollier said with more than half of Triple Zero (000) calls nationally now made using a mobile phone, residents with smartphones should download the *Emergency+ App.

"The Emergency+ App uses the existing GPS functionality of smartphones to enable callers to provide emergency call-takers with their location information as determined by their smartphone," he said.

"Latitude and longitude details can be relayed to an emergency operator as well as an address and suburb details.

"Knowing this information when reporting a bushfire incident will help firefighters protect life and property during an emergency.

"When you first dial Triple Zero (000), you'll get through to an emergency Telstra switch and will be asked which service you require - police, fire or ambulance.

"If you require the fire service, the Telstra switch operator will connect you to a Fire Communications Officer, who will ask you a series of questions to help identify the nature of the emergency and where you are.

"It is very important that you don't hang up until asked to by the operator."

Questions you will be asked include:

• What is the location of the incident?
• What is the nature of the emergency?
• Is anyone trapped, injured, endangered or unaccounted for?
• What is your phone number?
• What is burning?
• Are any persons or livestock being threatened by the fire?
• Is it close to any structures? If so, how close to the structure is the fire?
• Is anyone in attendance at the fire?
• What size is the fire?
• What is the best access to the fire?

The Emergency+ app is available for free in iTunes and Google Play.

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