Koala's attempt to climb Coast woman is going global

A VIDEO of a koala who mistook a Sunshine Coast woman's legs for a gumtree has gone global.

Journalist Kathy Sundstrom took the incredible video at Cape Otway in Victoria, while on a family trip around Australia.

She wrote on her Facebook:

"Being mistaken by a koala for a tree at Cape Otway.

"It was crossing the road and we and several others stopped to let it cross and then it wanted to climb us."

Being mistaken by a koala for a tree at Cape Otway. It was crossing the road and we and several others stopped to let it cross and then it wanted to climb us

Posted by Kathy Sundstrom on Monday, 30 November 2015

Now the video has gone viral, picked up by news outlets not just in Australia but also the United States, United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Fox News in America published the story, as did the Washington Post, the Daily Mail UK and

She told the Sunshine Coast Daily earlier this week:

WHY did this koala cross the road? Because it thought my leg was a tree.

After spending two days at Cape Otway National Park's Blanket Bay, where a mother koala and her baby were the neighbours to our camp site on the left and an echidna on the right, we didn't think it could get much better.

But it was travelling out of Cape Otway that we had one of the experiences of a lifetime!

We saw something crossing around ahead of us, by its size and speed, we first thought it was a dog.

As we got closer we realised it was a koala crossing the road.

We, along with two other cars, pulled over to let it cross and take a photo.

But instead of scurrying up the nearest tree, this little fella wanted to meet the human.

And, in my case, test it suitability as a tree.

I was videoing it and also trying to stop my children from touching it so as not to distress it, when it made a beeline for my leg.

And started to climb.

That would have been fine by me, except it hadn't had a manicure and its nails were sharp.

I tried to lead it to a real tree, but it was mesmerised by my black leggings and kept following me.

The good news is, it didn't eventually find a tree and climbed safely, while giving all of us a chance to admire its awesome cuteness!

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