THERE were tears and laughs at the final council meeting before the election, as councillors and the mayor looked back at the events of the past four years.

For the majority of the seven councillors, Wednesday could be their final council meeting.

Mayor Wayne Kratzmann and councillors Deb Palmer and Barry Green are retiring, Keith Campbell and Damien Tessmann are both running for mayor.

Only Kathy Duff is guaranteed her seat at the next council as her division is uncontested.

Cr Kratzmann addressed the council, which took place in the town hall to make way room for the larger than usual gallery

For Cr Kratzmann, it wasn't just the end of his four years as mayor but a career in council that began in the former Wondai Shire Council back in 1979.

The mayor said he was heartened by the number of people who went to say goodbye to him and the retiring councillors.

"I'm disappointed my last meeting in local government is not held in the Warren Truss Chamber," Cr Kratzmann said.

"As it's a place of great importance to me and I'm proud to say that it's also been embraced by our council."

He talked up the council history on service delivery, roads and gave a passionate defence on what residents get for their money, compared to the state and federal government.

"Amalgamation or not, we would have seen rates and charges rise," he said.

He listed one of his proudest moment as mayor as the time he visited Dodewaard in the Netherlands in 2014.

"The honour of standing in front of the people of Dodewaard in the Netherlands when we finally put Patrick Tiernan to rest, and then being given the privilege for Eleanor and I to lead the Remembrance Day parade through the streets," he said.

The past four years has had frantic and intense disagreements between the councillors, over issues including Memerambi, the private hospital and Blackbutt upgrades.

Despite the arguments and debates, deputy mayor Keith Campbell said they were always able to "sit down afterwards and still enjoy the opportunity for a cup of tea and fellowship".

Mayoral contenders Damien Tessmann and Keith Campbell stressed that they both would remain friends, no matter the outcome of tomorrow's election.

The date for the next council meeting will be announced when the results for the election are known.

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