Kumbia hit by damaging storm

ALTHOUGH Kingaroy and other parts of the South Burnett missed out on storm activity Kumbia and surrounding areas were hit by a damaging storm Tuesday night.

Kumbia stonefruit farmer Dennis Dugdell recorded 40mm of rain.

"The benefit of the rain far outweighed any damaged we got last night,” he said.

"We didn't get much damage, a lot of really heavy wind.

"And very small hail, it hailed for 10 minutes.”

Mr Dugdell said the storm hit at about 7.30pm.

"It was a bit worrisome while it was on, the hail just kept on coming it wouldn't stop,” Mr Dugdell said.

Benair farmer Trevor Campbell said he missed out on damage and only got about 8mm of rain.

"I missed it, but my son's farm, he's got duboisia trees stripped pretty badly of some of their leaves and he's just about to harvest,” Mr Campbell said.

"I went up for a drive to Kumbia early this morning and there were branches down everywhere but no damage here.

"But we were unlucky with the rain.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Janine Yusa said there could be more thunderstorms and rain around the South Burnett the rest of the week, but it could be patchy.

"Looking at a medium to high chance of thunderstorms and showers in the week ahead, but it's going to be hit and miss activity,” she said.

"It's a matter of luck, as we saw yesterday on place up the road and get quite a bit and the place down the road can miss out.”

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