Transport union wary of lack of detail in bypass deal

TRANSPORT Workers' Union branch secretary Peter Biagini welcomed the announcement by Queensland Treasurer Tim Nicholls and the Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss committing funds to the much-needed infrastructure.

"Residents and motorists were starting to become quite fed up with the ongoing political games regarding this project," Mr Biagini said.

"While we're pleased to see this announcement we are wary of the devil in the detail.

"At the 'Seal the Deal' forum held in Toowoomba last year we heard from national infrastructure co-ordinator at Infrastructure Australia, Michael Deegan, who lambasted the projected cost of $1.5billion that was tabled by Projects Queensland, asserting that $3billion was a more realistic starting point.

"We have seen another announcement made where the Deputy Prime Minister has even identified the starting date but rather than clearly detailing the costing of the project he has essentially called for tenders which would suggest that this project is still a long way off."

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In the event the bypass does reach completion, the Transport Workers' Union is urging the government to come clean on any plans to toll the new bypass or existing crossing.

"Given that the government is clearly opening this project up to private investment you would assume that these companies would be looking for a return on their investment," Mr Biagini said.

"The devil is always in the detail and so far there has been a lot of pomp and not enough information provided to the local community to satisfy concerns."

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