DO NOT get into an argument with Bill Rodgers because the car he has kept defiantly in his tree since the 1990s is proof he will not back down.

At the front of his Taromeo property, an old, rusted Cortina car sits in a tree, and has become an unofficial landmark of the area.

For several years the car was the centre of an extended argument with the former Nanango Shire Council, with several staff members and councillors wanting it taken down.

"They told me it was ugly and it was a vermin problem," Mr Rodgers said.

Despite warnings from council staff, he vowed the car would stay on his land and up the tree.

"It's become part of our life, it's part of our property," he said.

Although he now passionately defends the car, the way it ended up in a tree was more or less an accident.

A close friend of Mr Rodgers asked him to take the old car to the wreckers.

But, after taking the old wreck of a car to his property, he had to wait for a truck to take it to the wreckers.

"I decided to hang it up the tree so it would be easy for them when I put it in the trailer," he said.

But when he received warnings from council staff about the car, he stood his ground and refused to remove it.

Despite the threats, the car has stayed up the tree ever since.

The current council has not had a problem with the car, with Mr Rodgers saying it showed "commonsense" had prevailed.

And he's even added to the quirky collection by putting the wreck of an F1-11 fighter plane beside the tree.

"I thought the car was getting lonely," Mr Rodgers laughed.

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