Lawyer for Daniel's killer targeted with hate mail

THE lawyer represented the man convicted of killing Sunshine Coast teenager says he has seen a spike in hate mail since he took on the case.

Brett Peter Cowan's lawyer, Tim Meehan, said he too was a parent and he could not begin to understand how 'terrible it must be'' for Bruce and Denise Morcombe.

"People seem to be really concerned about how I sleep at night," he told reporters outside the Court of Appeal on Thursday morning.

"I can't dwell on that, I have a job to do and that's what I'm doing and that is to ensure again that justice is done according to law."

Bruce and Denise Morcombe said on Wednesday that it was"bizarre" to think they were educating children about staying safe from predators earlier this week and now attending a hearing where a "predator" is trying to get out of prison.

Brett Peter Cowan was convicted in March of murdering and indecently dealing with Daniel on the Sunshine Coast on December 7, 2003.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment but is now contesting the conviction.

"It's a legal test of the law. It's a test to see whether Cowan's guilty verdict was fair, in particular regarding the covert operation," Mr Morcombe said.

"Fair, tell me about fair. Ask Daniel if it was fair.

Mrs Morcombe said she knew Cowan had the right to appeal but it was a "waste of taxpayer money".

"I just think it's a waste of taxpayer money, the whole court process, the appeal," she said.



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