READY TO GO: Mattison Rose graduated yesterday with a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) with Honours.
READY TO GO: Mattison Rose graduated yesterday with a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) with Honours. Allan Reinikka Rokagraduat

Turnbull leading the way to a bright future for Australia

PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull has big plans for Australia and a lot of them revolve around an "ideas boom" - entrepreneurship and innovation to lead the way into the future.

Locals are hoping to cash in on the plans, which come with grants and plenty of opportunity.

When Mattison Rose spoke about humanoid robotics, he spoke with a flair and passion rarely found in someone so young.

Mattison graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical) with Honours at CQUniversity yesterday, and the young entrepreneur said his current projects were all about leaping into the future.

"Lately with the university I have been working on a robotic platform which is a humanoid base for CQUni to do research on, so with a bit of funding and a bit of direction we can get that platform up to do humanoid research," he said.

"I have done all the design work, from the first principles to the whole platform - so all the hardware, all the leg links, all the way up to programming the whole thing at the end."

But now the project is a bit behind schedule - with funding needed to get it off the ground.

"Funding is essential. It's really, really hard to try to get the components you need to the quality you need with a tight budget, so it really is essential," Mattison said.

"Having that platform where we can do meaningful research is incredibly beneficial for the uni to get their standing up in the research field."

Mr Turnbull said in a speech that funding was coming available for groups and organisations willing to take a risk.

"We want to be a culture, a national culture of innovation, of risk-taking, because as we do that, we grow the whole ecosystem of innovation," he said.

"We become more experienced, more prepared to take on risk and become a culture of ideas because it is the ideas boom that will secure our prosperity in the future.

"And this package will incentivise, dynamise, energise that enormous opportunity."

Ideas boom package

  • Will help small and large businesses
  • Is a $1.1 billion innovation package
  • Over four years
  • New $200 million CSIRO innovation fund

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