Let's stop all this Santa's lap nonsense

I COULDN'T believe it when I read the story about banning kids from sitting on Santa's lap.

Child protection activist Hetty Johnson made the comment in a weekend newspaper and it understandably got everyone talking.

If her point was to make sure that our store Santas all had blue cards then she gets full marks.

Somehow I don't think it was, it seems to me that some people are just plain cranky with the world and don't trust a living soul.

Hetty in her outburst has done something no one ever thought possible.

In one swipe of her tongue she has now made many people feel uncertain about taking their kids to see Santa.

How sad that is because we all love Santa. Who hasn't from the time we were told about his love of children and the fact he is the one that brings the presents.

Why is it that we have people like Hetty insisting that we now stop trusting the entire world?

It seems that the minority fun police are the ones that everyone listens to and the ones that get action.

How I long for the days when we would spend hours as kids on our pushbikes riding around the neighbourhood, calling into friend's places on a whim and just having fun.

Who will be attacked next, could the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy be in danger?

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