how your rates are spent
how your rates are spent

This is how the council spends your rates money

SOUTH Burnett home property owners received their six-monthly rates notice from the regional council late last week.

The following is the breakdown of what you buy with your rates bill.

General rates - all categories

For every $1000 the council collects in general rates it spends $421 on roadworks. Note this figure doesn't include the $200 per year road levy.

About $135 is spent on maintaining our parks and gardens while $62 is spent on maintaining all council buildings.

About $42 is spent managing our pool and public halls while around $53 is spent on IT and $30 is spent on the customer service and administrative offices.

Approximately $47 is spent on economic developmental and tourism advocacy, $43 goes to our libraries and around $60 is spent on corporate governance, finance, and human resource departments.

About $34 is spent maintaining public toilets and cemeteries and $23 is used to control pest animals and plants, while a further $23 goes to supporting various community activities, heritage and arts projects.

Around $33 goes to making sure the region complies with health and environmental regulations and a further $20 is spent on planning, plumbing and building projects.

A final $7 is used for disaster management and indigenous affairs.

Environmental levy

This levy costs about $28 per property per year and this money is combined with various grants to total about $500,000.

Roughly $300,000 is spent on back-burning programs and weed control and about $11,000 goes to supporting Landcare's projects with staff and materials.

Waste management levy

This levy is about $125 per property per year and brings in about $2.2 million, with most of that money spent maintaining our dumps.

Community rescue and evacuation levy

This costs $4 per year and goes directly to LifeFlight.

Road levy

The $200 per year fee was introduced after the Federal Government froze the Federal Assistance Grants.

The freeze was due to stop on June 30, 2017.

It has taken about $900million away from local council over the three years.

Water consumption

This fee is based on how much water you use.


Water access

The cost to get water to your property.

Wastewater pedestal

The cost to connect sewage pipes to your property.

Domestic wheelie bin

The cost for a weekly bin collection.

State emergency management levy

This goes to state government and forms a pool of money that can be drawn on when there is a large scale natural disaster.

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