Harry's view on stadium funding.
Harry's view on stadium funding.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: ‘Community needs to start preparing’



Coal outlook

IN RECENT weeks, China has announced a goal of zero net emissions by 2060 and Japan has since come in with net zero by 2050.

That means zero coal imports from Australia by then.

Given that Japan is Australian coal's largest customer and China is the world's largest coal consumer, the CQ coal industry will probably be decimated in a few short decades.

Who knows when it will become really impactful, but our community needs to start preparing immediately.

Will our community leaders and local politicians please stand up and start strongly advocating for alternative industries to replace coal mining.

Unfortunately, CQ has a really strong case that it will be most affected by the demise of coal, so we should be screaming for support and help to fire up alternatives.

The QLD government renewable zone in CQ is a good start, but only a start.

We have to lift our heads out of the sand and acknowledge that coal is on the way out and we need a replacement.

Senator Canavan, you have shown admirable enthusiasm for coal mining jobs, now is the time to show the same enthusiasm for jobs for coal miners, who will not be able find work in coal.

Paul Donovan, Rockhampton

Denial is a river in Egypt

"COVID, COVID, COVID!": "We are turning the corner!" Trump is confident in his own prognosis!

He is no scientist or doctor, but afraid the emphasis on the 230,000 USA COVID deaths has a bearing on his re-election chances.

Already the tide is turning against him, as the statistics continue to reveal his ignorance.

From one disaster to another, his rants, rallies and rudeness are a combination which reveal a very shaky personality.

He has recovered from the "China virus", where he lays the blame, if anyone raises the issue he aggressively avoids.

What a hero; what a role model!

While the USA has, globally, one of the highest related deaths from COVID, Trump is downplaying its severity.

Nothing's a problem, according to his diagnosis.

"While Rome burns", their Ceasar is playing popularity games with his loyal "believers", led on by his fake news and empty promises, with deadly consequences.

Many have deserted the Trump ship, either not voting, or voting Democrat.

His large rallies, mostly unmasked, especially in marginal states, desperately continue to the last man standing.

"Shame" is the one sentiment narcissists shun and deny.

To bear the brunt of the statistics and be accountable for the COVID reality, is not Trump's modus operandi.

He is a showman and his identity and self-esteem depend on his popularity.

Criticism and blame don't sit well on such arrogance.

"Denial is a river in Egypt!"

Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands




Harry's view on stadium funding.
Harry's view on stadium funding.




ANON. More tax payers money being ripped off by pollies. If we rip our bosses off there is a chance we would see jail time. But they just get a slap on the wrist. Every tax payer should not vote for crooks.

ANON. Where's my watch? I am a tax payer PM, do your job or get out if not you will be voted out. God Save the Queen because nobody will save the Morrison government.

LPMC. O'Rourke and Lauga spruik they are shovel ready for promised projects. Why didn't Dick and Palaszczuk tell this pair due to Labor's mismanagement there's no money to even buy a "second hand shovel" to start work. Please, no more Labor promises.

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