Baby Zachary Young
Baby Zachary Young Contributed

Little Zachary never woke up

ALLENSTOWN mother of two Tanya Young, put her five-month-old son Zachary down for his routine nap on Friday.

He never woke up, believed to be a victim of SIDS.

Yesterday Tanya, with husband Ben by her side, relived the tragedy.

"As usual I gave him his 11.30 feed and put him to bed at quarter to 12," she said.

"Then around 2.30pm I just had this really bad feeling that something was wrong.

"I went and checked on him and he just was asleep - just wasn't there."

"My sudden thinking was to call triple-0 and they told me to take him out of his cot and put him on a hard surface, which I did and gave him CPR like they told me too.

"Within a minute-and-a-half - two minutes the ambulance were there and took over.

"They worked on him for an hour and there was nothing they could do for him.

"That morning he had a play date with one of his little friends he was absolutely perfect, laughing, giggling, playing with his little friend."

Although Zachary's death was suspected as SIDS, the Rockhampton couple are still waiting on a coroner's report from Brisbane to confirm the cause of death.

It's every parent's worst nightmare and understandably the family is devastated.

What makes things worse is they can't afford the $6000 cost of the baby's funeral.

"This is one thing you would never expect to do once you've given birth to a baby," she said.

"SIDS is the biggest fear a parent could ever have, and now that it's happened I just want every parent to realise that it can happen when you least expect it."

Her husband, Ben, is a coal-miner who's been without permanent work for some time due to illness.

"Just before this happened, I finally got some fulltime work and we were just about to get on top of things and then this has happened," he said.

"I'm not in any hurry to go back to work, I need to be here for my wife and myself and my boy especially.

"She really needs me right now and I need her to get through this, we both need each other, to stay strong."

In the face of this tragedy the couple's main concern was their two-year-old son Lachlan.

"We know we need to stay strong for him, as much as we're grieving, Mrs Young said.

"It's a hard loss to comprehend and deal with, but for Lachlan's sake we have to.

"We're very lucky we've got him to keep ourselves focussed, at least we've got something."

Mrs Young said they had no intention of hiding this from Lachlan, who was there when she discovered baby Zachary unconscious in his cot.

"When I found Zach the other day I was home by myself with Lachlan, and Lachlan was there shaking Zach's legs trying to wake him up while I was giving him CPR," she said.

"That would've affected him really badly. He'll always know that he had a little brother, you can't just lock this away."

If you would like to help the Young family you can email them at

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