CALL of Duty video games have nothing on this.

Like most 12-year-olds, Zak Hartman plays his fair share of PlayStation during the school holidays.

But on Saturday he traded in buttons for triggers at the South Burnett Shooters Union of Queensland come and try day.

"This is much better (than video games)," Zak said.

The first time he had ever picked up a gun was with shooting and firearm trainer Ian Jones at the Wondai Rifle Club's pistol range.

"I had two hits my first time," Zak said.

"This was the smallest table but the biggest gun, it's a pretty big bullet," he said.

Zak was using Jones' personal handgun, a M1911.

"This is a combat pistol, it's tougher to shoot on the range than the others," Jones said.

"It was the US service pistol from World War 1 to about the '80s.

"For his first time he (Zak) has done very well."

Don Alback organised the day to show anyone interested in the sport there was a local club that could teach how to target shoot safely and properly.

"A lot of people see this and they say they don't like it, but once they have a go they love it," Alback said.

"This is good fun, the kids get outside and they all enjoy it."

Alback said Saturday's event was the first time the South Burnett Shooters Union had ever organised a come and try day for pistols.

"About all of them here have never fired before," he said.

"They're doing a bit of everything; they're even trying a black powder handgun.

"Some of these blokes are pretty good."

Rapid fire facts

  • The .45 calibre M1911 pistol was adopted by the US Army in 1911 and versions of the weapon were used in the First and Second World Wars, Korean War, Vietnam War and even in the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.
  • First timers shot from the 20-yard line and aimed at metal and paper targets using weapons provided by club members.
  • Black powder pistols were used in the 1800s and were typically carried in holsters.
South Burnett

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