Nathanael Paul Nahow walked free from Bundaberg District Court today.
Nathanael Paul Nahow walked free from Bundaberg District Court today.

MACHETE MADNESS: Alleged bikie walks free after $20k extortion bid

AN alleged bikie who used a machete to threaten a man into paying him $20,000 has walked free from jail.

Nathanael Paul Nahow, 42, pleaded guilty yesterday to six offences including demanding property with menace, three counts of common assault and threatening violence.

Crown prosecutor Jacqueline Ball told the Bundaberg District Court Nahow assaulted three men in seven days between September 7 and 14 last year at Agnes Water. All the assaults happened at his girlfriend's home.

In one attack, Nahow told a man, who was a friend of his at the time, to sit down and take his glasses off before punching him to the left side of the face.

After the man told Nahow he didn't have $20,000, Nahow grabbed a black-handled machete which was a foot in length and held it to the man's neck.

Nahow told the man it wasn't his problem and said "you better come up with the f-----g money or I'll put you in a hole out the back next to the dog".

The man told Nahow he would try which led to the defendant offering him a beer.

During the first assault, Nahow confronted a man who was living at his girlfriend's house after accusing him of stealing.

Nahow hit the man to the back of the head as he turned to the door to leave, making the victim fall to the ground.

He then pulled the man to his feet and hit him again after the victim swung at him.

Nahow then ran after the victim.

The second assault happened after the victim was asked to attend Nahow's girlfriend's home.

When the victim arrived, Nahow approached him aggressively and told him to sit down.

When he complied, Nahow demanded that the victim owed him $3000.

The victim turned to leave before Nahow assaulted him causing him to fall into a pole.

In April the magistrates court was told Nahow was an alleged bikie.

Nahow's barrister Callan Cassidy told the court his client was a fourth generation South Sea islander and moved to Australia with his family when he was three years old.

He said Nahow had a consistent work history and had done FlFO work until he was taken into custody.

Mr Cassidy said Nahow's girlfriend told his client that she thought the three men were involved with stealing her property.

The court heard Nahow had an extensive criminal history.

Judge Anthony Rafter said the offences demonstrated an escalation in behaviour.

He also took into account the fact Nahow had already spent 418 days behind bars before sentencing.

Nahow was sentenced to two and a half years imprisonment with an immediate parole release date.

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