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Kingaroy Court. Tobi Loftus

Magistrate warns Kingaroy woman to 'do something'

A KINGAROY magistrate has granted a woman's release from custody this week with a stern warning: "do something about your life and sort yourself out”.

Brianna Marie Karla, 22, pleaded guilty to eight charges when she appeared before Kingaroy Magistrates Court via video link from prison on February 11.

"If you go off-track like this again it is your own stupid fault and you will be right back on that seat you are sitting on right now,” the magistrate said.

"And you will be there for a very, very long time.”

Police prosecutor Pepe Gangemi said it took less than a week for Karla to re-offend after being handed a suspended sentence on December 3, 2018.

Karla went to a shed with another person, kicked a hole in the side wall and took tools including keys to an excavator and a breathing apparatus mask before leaving through the front roller door.

After another break-in offence she was found with stolen property after entering a house.

Karla also stole a GPS from an unlocked Hilux in Kingaroy and was charged based on CCTV footage.

Defence lawyer Mark Werner asked the magistrate to take into consideration Karla's condition after she was charged for obstructing a police officer.

"When she was tackled by police her collarbone was broken and that required surgery, and now she has a 15cm scar and a plate,” he said.

"She is still in pain and unfortunately has no pain relief in prison.”

Mr Werner said Karla had been diagnosed with Hepatitis C during her 58 days in custody.

He said she had not received the required 12 weeks' treatment while in prison.

Karla breached bail on two occasions for not being at the bail address she was given, and for talking with a person she was prohibited from contacting.

Mr Werner asked the magistrate to consider Karla's circumstances of being supported only by friends due to poor family circumstances.

"At the time of the offences she was homeless and couch-surfing, which is why she breached her bail by not being at the address,” he said.

"She didn't have a permanent address at that time. Her partner, who she was not supposed to contact as a co-accused, was assisting her to find some accommodation with friends.”

Magistrate Woodford fined Karla a combined $800 for the two breaches of bail.

She was fined $400 for trespassing at the Edward Street Medical Centre.

She was fined $500 for restricted drug possession, and $500 for obstructing police.

For the two break ins and entering a premises with intent, she was sentenced to six months' imprisonment.

The magistrate granted her immediate parole and declared the 58 days in pre-sentence custody as time served.

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