HERO: Local Nanango man Jayden Staines saved stock from a nearby fire.
HERO: Local Nanango man Jayden Staines saved stock from a nearby fire.

Man rescues paddock of animals from wild bushfire

A MAN from Nanango spent his day off saving horses and cattle from an out-of-control fire on the outskirts of Kingaroy.

The fire started on a property on Schellbachs Rd around lunchtime on Saturday, November 9.

Twenty year old Jayden Staines said he dropped everything after an alarming phone call from one of his mates.

"They rang me, because the elderly lady whose property it was called them.

"They said there were flames everywhere and asked if I could get out there to check on their animals.

"I dropped everything and went right away to help them out."

Despite the warning, Jayden was still taken aback by the fire.

"There were flames everywhere," he said.

"All over the road and paddocks.

"Fire brigades and police were there.

"Me and a few of my friends went in to the fire to move the couple of calves, two cattle, and six horses."

Jayden said the stock were frantic with fear at the scene of the fire.

"They were so scared they were just running up and down the fence line," he said.

"We had to get a hold of them and then try to take them to safety.

"After a bit we finally got them to a safe place out of the way of the fire.

"We took them where there was grass and no flames."

After an afternoon of peace, their safe haven was no more.

"It started to get too hot there and you could tell they were on edge," Jayden said.

"It was burning us and them a little bit. Then it caught light again.

"So on Sunday around 3pm we took them even further away from the fire out the back of the house."

Jayden said once the animals were safe and calm, he and his friends jumped back on scene to help out.

"We did fire breaks and all of that," he said.

"There were originally three of us.

"Then there were maybe five. Then eventually the horse owners rocked up to help out and that would have been another six helping hands."

Jayden said he believed the fire was deliberately lit.

"What I've worked out with talking to the fireys and being on scene was that up on Schellbachs Rd there was petrol poured on the front of the property and lit up," he said.

"It had to have been done on purpose.

"The damage was bad. It's going to take a lot of time and money to come back from a fire like that.

"People need to learn to respect the country and the land, to protect the crops, stock, and the wildlife."

Jayden stayed back at the property over the weekend to help put up fences and clean up the burnt property.

He said he would like to say a huge thank you to those who helped him out on the day: Jason Perry, Levi Perry, Xaviah Perry, Sharmaine Perry, Ashza Perry, Skye West, and Aaron Churchward.

Kingaroy Officer in Charge Snr Sgt Dave Tierney said they were not treating the fire as suspicious.

"We were advised of the fire around 3pm on the Saturday afternoon," he said.

"It was described as being wild and unpredictable.

"By about 5pm Monday afternoon (November 11) it was contained."

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