COURT APPEARANCE: Jamie William Lang, 37, faced court on more than 30 charges.
COURT APPEARANCE: Jamie William Lang, 37, faced court on more than 30 charges. Contributed

Man tells court facial tattoos cost him work

A 37-YEAR-OLD Moore Park Beach man has been ordered to front the Bundaberg District Court on more than 30 offences after a magistrate questioned whether the serious charges could be dealt with in her jurisdiction.

Appearing in Bundaberg Magistrates Court yesterday, Jamie William Lang pleaded guilty to the 15-day crime spree from Bundaberg to the Sunshine Coast, which included the theft of money from the Club Hotel, the dangerous operation of a car in the carpark at Hinkler Central and a sting of break-ins and thefts from Sunshine Coast homes.

The court was Jamie William Lang moved to Moore Park Beach with his family for a fresh start in August 2016, but had only just finished a period on parole before he went on another crime spree.

While many of the stolen items, which included jewellery, cash, computer equipment and electronic equipment had been recovered, more than $20,000 worth of items remained unaccounted for.

But Magistrate Belinda Merrin considered the offences, Lang's age and his criminal history and raised concerns about where the case should proceed.

She said that it was her opinion that Lang could not be sentenced to a day less than three years, the maximum penalty that could be imposed in a magistrates court.

After discussing it, defence lawyer Robert Gordon said his client conceded to having the matter committed to the Bundaberg District Court, but not before he spoke about Lang's background and plans once released.

Mr Gordon said his client had struggled to secure jobs after taking over his father's painting business, which he believed could have been due to his heavily tattooed face.

"He's also proposing to have tattoos on his face removed, because he instructs that he lost a lot of business, he believes, because people were perhaps concerned given the tattoos that are on his face," he said.

The matter was adjourned for a committal hand-up on March 16.

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