Martin scoops pool in Raceview to beat McKee

STRONG COMPETITOR: By-election candidate Jim McKee at Ipswich West State School on polling day. His failure to do better in Raceview proved costly.
STRONG COMPETITOR: By-election candidate Jim McKee at Ipswich West State School on polling day. His failure to do better in Raceview proved costly. Rob Williams

TALK won't win the grand final... hard work will.

That was what a beer advertisement featuring Cameron Smith doing some rope work in the gym before the NRL grand final said.

And that is exactly what new Division 7 councillor Dave Martin did to win Saturday's by-election.

He roped in the other eight candidates and went past them on the back of hard work on the ground before and during the campaign.

With just the remaining postal votes to be counted, Mr Martin had won 23.46% of the ballot, or 2036 votes.

His nearest rival Jim McKee was in second on 15.72% with 1359 votes. Then followed Darren Baldwin (12.83% and 1109), Rochelle Caloon (11.08% and 958) and Greg Forster (10.48% and 906).

For a major factor in Mr Martin's win look no further than the key booths in Raceview, which make up more than 25% of the vote in the division.

It is there at the Raceview and Raceview West booths that Mr Martin won 23.8% of the vote and 25.48% compared to Mr McKee's 8.06% and 10.08%.

Mr Martin did the work on the ground in Raceview and all the other areas of his division.

Mr Martin said he "door-knocked the hell out of Raceview".

His wife Jacqui saw the fruits of that on polling day.

"My kids all went to Raceview State School so I saw a lot of parents and people I have known for 20 years walk in and say 'we know who we are voting for'," she said.

Mr Martin was seen from dawn until dusk out on the streets knocking on doors. He did everything to win in the campaign and had put in the groundwork before in the community as Blair MP Shayne Neumann explained.

"David has won because of the active support of the mayor and his long history of community involvement," Mr Neumann said.

"He has been actively involved with youth, tenancy advocacy services and mental health and other services.

"He lives in the area, has owned a small business and his family has lived in the area for as long as I have known them.

"David resonated better with middle class voters in Raceview, which is the biggest suburb in the division.

"Jim McKee polled very badly in that area, just 10 per cent in Raceview and eight per cent in Raceview West.

"McKee has polled strongly in inner city Ipswich but Martin has polled better in the suburbs."

The final four places in the count were Mark McConnell with 9.14% and 790 votes, David Austin (8.21% and 710), followed by Mike McInnes (7.24% and 626) and Wayne Firns (1.72% and 149).

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