Melania’s ‘photoshopped’ Christmas card


It is the annual Christmas card photo that First Lady Melania Trump and the President get all dressed up for, but this year there was a problem.

"Merry Christmas from President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump," she tweeted alongside the couple's Christmas portrait of the pair in their matching formal outfits.


The photograph, perhaps the last they will ever take on the Grand staircase of the White House before departing on January 20, was celebrated by many.

"I love Melania's outfit," one person wrote.

"Stunning," another wrote.

"Love this picture! The loveliest First Lady and best president ever! Merry Christmas!" one commenter wrote.

But as has become something of a tradition among internet sleuths following the publishing of photographs of the first family, many suggested something was not quite right.

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Some suggested Mr Trump had been dropped into the picture, citing a very similar looking image featuring the President and Prince Charles.

Others said the shadow cast by the pair on the wall behind them was unrealistic.

"It looks as if a photo was taken of a cardboard cutout," one person wrote.

"Weirdest cut and paste job ever seen. They both look two dimensional cut outs/ anime, superimposed onto a screen. DT's face is from a prior photo. Bizarre until the very end," another wrote.


InStyle Magazine added fuel to the fire with its reporting, noting: "It makes sense why the Trumps would fake their holiday portrait, as Melania herself has admitted she isn't a fan of her White House Christmas duties.

"Luckily, this is the last year Melania will have to worry about "Christmas stuff" - holiday portraits, included."

The couple have long been subjected to this kind of thing with rumours about a "body double" hounding Melania in particular.




It is now less than a month until Joe Biden takes office and Mr Trump remains firmly attached to the notion that the election was rigged and can still be overturned.

AFP reports the President's advisers have floated the idea of invoking martial law. But Trump himself has stayed out of sight.





Originally published as Melania's 'photoshopped' Christmas card

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