SINGLE, but not ready to mingle...

Miley Cyrus has opened up about her recent breakup with fiancé Liam Hemsworth, telling TV host Ellen DeGeneres that she's moving on, and is currently "obsessed" with being alone.

Cyrus, 20, and Hemsworth, 23, were together since meeting on the set of 2010 movie The Last Song, and called off their engagement in September.

"So the last time you were here [in November 2012], I threw you an engagement party," DeGeneres recalled during an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show that aired in the US on Friday.

To which Cyrus replied, "Do you want your money back?"

She does.

"I want my money back," DeGeneres joked as footage of the host surprising Cyrus with male strippers during her previous appearance played in the background. "I sent you, like, [strippers]. You enjoyed it."

"I should've kept one of those dudes' numbers," chimed the former Disney star. "That would've come in handy now."

DeGeneres asked, "Is that an awkward thing that all this attention is going on and you're not with him anymore?"

The Wrecking Ball singer, who released her new album Bangerz last week, said it's "not really as awkward" talking about the split, "because I'm living it".

"I think people spend more time actually thinking about it than I really do," she said. "I just believe that when a chapter is done you have to close it and start that new one, and that's kind of where I am right now. I felt like I have so much to be thankful for that my energy hasn't really been focused on that."

Cyrus continued, "I've been kind of impressed with people and how much they've actually shown more respect.

"I don't really look up anything, so maybe they haven't been showing respect, but from what I have seen, I felt like people have really focused on my music right now when I've needed them and have actually been really good about that.

"Because that's the only thing I worried about - I didn't want it to make me to sacrifice what I've been working for, for just the attention to be on that."

She also said that Bangerz is a reflection of her relationship with Hemsworth.

"I think it says that with starting with Adore You and ending with Someone Else," she shared. "I feel like you can really find like this arch of, like, growth. I didn't really know...until I listened to it now that it's done...this really is telling a story.

"I think I knew more intuitively where my life was going, than I actually thought I did at the time."

Asked whether she's been in contact with Hemsworth, Cyrus replied: "I haven't really gotten to see anyone right now because I've been so crazy busy. I'm just letting that chapter kind of close and just looking forward to that new one."

She explained, "I want to be really clear and determined with everything I'm doing in my life right now, and I have been.

"I keep saying I'm the happiest I've ever been and that's not even a dig.

"That's just me, because I really am genuinely happy finally with myself, which I think sometimes it takes you separating yourself from someone else to really be happy with who you are.

"I've never been able to just be alone, and I'm obsessed with being alone and like hearing my thoughts."

Hemsworth has yet to publicly comment on their broken engagement.

Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus perform  at the MTV Video Music Awards.
Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus perform at the MTV Video Music Awards.


Cyrus also dished on her now-infamous twerk-fest with pop star Robin Thicke at the MTV VMAs.

The singer made headlines after she twerked with giant teddy bears, gyrated in a flesh-coloured latex bikini against Thicke's crotch, and went to town with a wayward foam finger.

"Robin Thicke was on the stage as well," chimed DeGeneres.

"No one talks about that," Cyrus said. "No one cares about the man behind the booty. You only care about the one that's shaking it. It's a double standard."

The singer also thwarted suggestion that her risqué stage antics took Thicke by surprise.

"He was in rehearsal as much as I was and loving it, people," said Cyrus. "Everyone there knew except maybe some other people in the audience.

"I saw a lot of faces that were kind of [shocked]: 'Should we be laughing at this? Is this supposed to be funny?'"

"It was supposed to be funny. It was supposed to be funny slash somewhat - obviously - provocative," Cyrus maintained.

You Tube

She also explained why she chose her curious on-stage getup.

"I wanted to be a bear, but also somewhat of an adult baby... because I have an obsession with being an adult baby."

The singer said she doesn't understand why tongues have been wagging over her performance.

"I can't really understand where the shock comes from.

"I know that sounds crazy, but I can't really understand it because I don't see anything more than what any other real artist did that night. I mean, Gaga was in a thong, but no one cares," she said.

"I don't know why they were shocked. I had clothes on!" Cyrus argued. "I tried to get away with [going naked], but MTV threatened to dead-air me. So I couldn't come out in the full birthday suit; I had to put something on. So, of course, nude latex always works."

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