The Tones property following the Boxing Day storm in Kumbia.
The Tones property following the Boxing Day storm in Kumbia. Lyn Tones

Months of clean up ahead after storm damage

A LONG clean-up process lies ahead for South Burnett residents affected by the fierce Boxing Day storm.

Mark Tones lives on a property just outside of Kumbia.

His shed and a second home on his property were destroyed in the storm.

"How does one recover from this?” he said.

"It's all in the hands of insurance.

"The SES are run off their feet and they've done what they can, now it's just waiting for the insurance people.

It's just bad timing because of Christmas and new year - everyone is on holidays so no one is available.”

Mr Tones said it would take the community a long time to get through the clean-up, just because of its scale.

"The forecast for the new year period isn't sounding good at all,” he said.

"For people with damaged homes already, it's not going to be good.

"There are tarps and that, but that's not going to stand up to wind or heavy rain. It's only getting to get worse.”

His wife Lyn captured a video during the storm of her in a car in the garage.

"Yeah, it was pretty hectic at the time, that's for sure,” Mr Tones said.

"We didn't realise how serious it was.

"It just looked like a bomb went off here.”

Don Paparone lives on a property at Wattle Grove and said it would take months to fix the damage caused by the storm.

"Six months down the track we'll be back up and running again,” MrPaparone said.

"We're all right. We're Australians, mate.”

Mr Paparone said he and his family were enjoying a lazy Boxing Day when the storm hit.

"We saw the footage of Cyclone Debbie and it was as crazy as that,” he said.

"We don't have a tree with a leaf on it left.

"The gum trees at the bottom of the property that were 50-60years old were thrown out of the ground.

"My shed, an old aeroplane hanger, half of it was 100m away in the paddock.

"The hailstones were more like hail rocks, sixinches in diameter and coming through the windows of the house.”

Mr Paparone said his house survived, but there was a lot of damage inside.

"What I've learnt is there is a lot of water damage right through the house from the window being smashed,” he said.

"The floor coverings will have to come up and there are leaves through the house.

"Where the main bedroom is didn't get touched, so we were still able to sleep in the house that night.”

Mr Paparone said he didn't yet know whether he'd have to leave the house while repairs were made.

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