Kingaroy Court House.
Kingaroy Court House.

Motorist blows 0.263

A MAN who blew more than five times over the legal limit and crashed into a fence has vowed to turn his life around.

Brodie Lawrence Senica, 27, pleaded guilty in Kingaroy Magistrates Court on Monday to driving under the influence, failing to comply with duties of a driver involved in a crash and driving without a licence.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Wayne Bushell said in the early morning of January 18, Senica was driving on Fisher St, Kingaroy, when he crashed into a fence, causing significant damage.

He then drove away from the scene of the crash.

Police found Senica in the driveway of his partner's home in the foetal position, vomiting.

"He advised police he had been drinking all day,” Mr Bushell said.

"There was a very strong smell of liquor and he was slurring words. At 2.50am a specimen of blood was taken with a reading of 0.263 blood alcohol content.”

Senica represented himself in court and said since the incident he had turned his life around with the help of counselling and medication.

He said he had not had a drop of alcohol since January 18.

"Since the last time I stood in front of this court, I spoke about how the alcohol problem was affecting my life,” he said.

"There is no excuse for what I've done.”

Magistrate Andrew Hackett said there was clear evidence of ongoing active rehabilitation.

"Then yours is a happy tale, you seem to have got the message,” Magistrate Hackett said.

"That is an appalling reading, for a person to have a reading of 0.263 and be standing is a feat and not a feat to be proud of.”

Senica was disqualified from driving for two years for the drink-driving charge, disqualified for a further 21months for driving on a suspended licence and fined a total of $4260.

He was convicted and not further punished for failing to comply with his duties for being involved in a car crash.

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