Motorists to begin the great rego rip-off today

AS OF today, Queensland motorists can rip the registration stickers from their cars.

The change, claimed by the government as a move to cut red tape for the average motorist, sees Queensland as the last state in Australia to transition to the sticker-less system.

Assistant Minister for Public Transport Steve Minnikin said today that "Rego Sticker Liberation Day means motorists can pry off their windscreen label one last time, without the hassle of trying to apply a new one."

"All vehicles up to 4.5 tonnes gross vehicle mass, including cars, motorcycles and light trailers, no longer need to show a label, regardless of whether the registration has expired or not.

"Motorists will still receive their registration notice in the mail, along with payment option information and a fee breakdown," he said.

While the change seeks to streamline the registration process, it is also set to save around $3.5 million per year in postage and printing costs alone.

"Those savings are better spent on improving services and providing cost of living relief for families," said the assistant minister.

"While car registration went up by 30 per cent over five years under Labor, we have kept our promise to freeze private motor vehicle registration fees for three years from 1 July 2012 - benefiting approximately 2.5 million family vehicles."

Mr Minnikin warned the new era was not an excuse to stop registering your vehicle.

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