Mum lashes out after hearing woman talk about her kids

WHEN a Cherbourg mother heard another woman talking about her children, she punched her in the eye and broke her tooth.

Magistrate Louisa Pink questioned the example Revina Shanade Alica Landers was setting for her children when she appeared in Murgon Magistrates Court on October 15 charged with assault occasioning bodily harm while intoxicated.

"You cannot go and punch people because they say something about your kids," Ms Pink said.

"What are they going to learn seeing their mother brawling on the street?

"What they see, you might think is OK but I tell you the courts do not accept it."

Police prosecutor Pepe Gangemi said at 2.30am on March 8, Landers was yelling at the victim while under the influence of alcohol and then punched the woman on Marshall St.

The fight lasted five to 10 minutes.

Defence lawyer Troy McDougall said the mother of three children, aged six, three and one, was extremely sorry and felt her children were unfairly victimised by the woman.

Mr McDougall said Landers wanted to be part of the solution when it came to preventing violence in Cherbourg.

Ms Pink said the behaviour was not out of character for Landers, who appeared in court for assault in 2017 and was placed on probation in 2018.

"If you think you can just continue to hop in there with the fists whenever you feel that someone has done something that annoys you, you will be back before the court," she said.

"You will then be before the court on a third offence of violence, and I am telling you that imprisonment will be on the cards."

Landers was sentenced to a 15-month probation order to learn to control her anger for the benefit of her family and the community.

She is also required to complete 40 hours of unpaid community service within six months.

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