Mum, teen and truckie face meth charges

POLICE are continuing to target drug users in the community, with nearly a dozen people charged for drug-related offences in Dalby Magistrates Court this week.

A 19-year-old Dalby man's residence was raided by police on the morning of July 16 while he was out.

They discovered three cannabis grinders, a set of scales and a bong.

Nearly 140 grams of the drug was found at the residence, of the leafy variety.

A 17-year-old girl also faced charges related to the consumption of methylamphetamine after a spoon and a pipe were found in her handbag.

Most disturbingly, according to Magistrate Kay Ryan, was the apparently habitual use of methylamphetamine by a truck driver of 30 years' driving experience.

The court heard he used the drug to keep to his deadlines, which involve 12-14 hour shifts of driving.

A Dalby mother was also found to have used the same illegal drug with a group of other women on a "hen's night", the court heard.

She tested positive in a roadside drug test the next morning.

Magistrate Ryan said she "cringed" at the rising frequency of drug use in the community.

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