Murder accused was ‘getting high, not killing’

SHANE Anthony Eric Hansen was sitting in his garage getting high, not committing a murder, his defence team claims.

Mr Hansen and Dean Mark Wills have been accused of the 2001 murder of Darren Britza on the Gold Coast - to which he pleaded not guilty at the Brisbane Supreme Court.

Mr Britza was brutally killed in a Gold Coast industrial shed in 2001. Witnesses claimed during the trial that his face was "bashed in" before he was rolled up in a blue tarp and driven away.

His body was found eight years later, buried under a bridge in the Gold Coast hinterland.

In his summing up of the case, Mr Hansen's lawyer, Andrew Hoare, said the evidence the prosecution relied on showed Mr Hansen had an alibi.

He said all "reasonable" accounts of when the killing occurred put it during the day. Witness Paul Taylor said he had been doing drugs with Mr Hansen and his brother during the day in question.

The day after the alleged murder, Mr Hansen's car was found on fire in the area near where the body would be found years later. But he claims it was stolen.

Mr Wills' lawyer, Angus Edwards, said the differences in descriptions witnesses gave of the two men who allegedly killed Mr Britza could be because they were "making these two men up".

"About the only thing (the witnesses) agree on is there were no tattoos. Dean Wills has a tattoo on the back of his head. You're not going to forget that," he said.

Crown Prosecutor Michael Cowan , in his closing arguments, admitted the case was circumstantial but said the "threads" of evidence weave into guilt.

The jury has retired to consider its verdict. - ARM NEWSDESK

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