These devient dads faced South Burnett courts this year on a range of charges. File Photo.
These devient dads faced South Burnett courts this year on a range of charges. File Photo.

NAMED: Criminal dads who fronted Burnett courts in 2020

This year a number of fathers faced South Burnett courts on charges ranging from selling drugs to high range drink driving to somehow misplacing their baby.

Here is a list of dads who’ve faced up to the questionable choices made over the past year.

Meth addicted dad loses one-year-old son for nearly an hour

A meth addicted father faced court on 12 charges, which included losing his one-year-old son for more than an hour due to his inattention.

The 43-year-old Murgon man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, faced Murgon Magistrates Court on 12 charges, including possessing dangerous drugs, utensils, contravening police, and leaving a child under 12 unattended.

The court heard the man had been watching the child while he was in the shed, and his son had been playing with their puppy at the time.

The defendant told police when he turned his back, his son walked out onto the parkland with the puppy without him noticing.

Magistrate Sinclair said he was pleased to see the man was open to participating in probation which involved drug rehabilitation, and parent classes, sentencing him to a supervised period of 18 months.

He was then fined $300 for the remaining charges, with convictions recorded.


Kingaroy dad sold meth to friend, faces potential jail term

A Kingaroy man luckily escaped spending Christmas behind bars for careless drug offences, instead piling another six months on top of his suspended jail sentence.

Mark William Owens, 25, was convicted back in May, 2019, for supplying methamphetamine to a family friend, earning himself $150. Standing before Kingaroy Magistrates Court, he received a six month prison sentence, which was suspended for a period of two years.

In the Kingaroy District Court hearing, prosecutor Alex Stark appeared on behalf of the Crown. He said Owens appeared before the court in relation to a breach of that sentence, namely he was found in possession of cannabis and drug utensils in July of this year.

Owens entered a plea of guilty to both breaching charges.

Judge Dann extended Owens‘ suspended sentence by a further six months.

“I want to impress upon you that the judge sitting at this bench, if you come in here again, may well look very sternly on your situation. So you must be aware of that in terms of how you manage your life going forward,” she said.

Convictions were recorded.


Young dad vows to get off ice to be a ‘better man’

A young man who vowed to break his ice addiction so he can be a better father after ‘waking up’ during his stint in jail, was sent back to his cell.

“I know what I’ve done in the past wasn’t right, everything I’ve done was under the influence of ice and I’ve been doing my best to give it up,” the 20-year-old dad told Magistrate Louisa Pink.

“It’s been getting easier to do because I’ve got a reason why to stop as I have to be a better father and be there for my missus.”

This is despite pleading guilty in Kingaroy Magistrates Court on May 6 to breaching a domestic violence order earlier that morning, an order which was made on March 26.

Police prosecutor Pepe Gangemi said the 20-year-old man had been found hiding in the aggrieved’s bedroom just after midnight on May 6.

The court heard he was at the house helping with two children, including his baby.

The court heard the Cherbourg man had completed several domestic violence courses while he was in jail.

“Jail has opened my eyes to a lot more options. I understand hitting women is not right,” he said.

Magistrate Pink said she would continue to go to jail while he continued to breach the domestic violence order.

“Somehow, somewhere it must get through your mind that you cannot do what you want to do and you must comply with the court order that is there to protect her,” she said.

The Cherbourg man was convicted and sentenced to three months’ imprisonment.

His parole release date was set for June 5, after one month in jail.


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